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The Wanderer’s Guides and Maps series was born of frustration. I found myself wandering around Lucca, Italy, with lots of questions and very few answers. Standing in front of the unique, somewhat bizarre, Cathedral and reading that it was built in the 1060s, the question kept gnawing at me–who built this? What kind of society inspired and enabled such a grand and fantastical vision? The other churches (nearly one on every corner), the well-preserved medieval streets, the impressive renaissance and baroque mansions, and of course those massive but lovely walls, all gave rise to the same question: what was happening here when this was built?

The frustration increased when I entered the churches. Dark and old, they were filled with art which cried out for illumination and elucidation. Slowly I discovered their secrets, and in the process prepared a guide so the wanderers who followed me would find their path well marked.

The foundation of a good guidebook is a good map. I have made many maps in my career but none required the depth of field work as the map of Lucca. But at last it is possible to navigate Lucca’s maze of streets without getting lost or bewildered.

So be my guest. Wander around.

Brian Lindquist

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