Discover the secrets of this fascinating and historic city in a way no other guidebook makes possible.

The Wanderer’s Guide to Lucca

The Wanderer’s Guide series is for the traveler who always wants to know more, who takes the time to wander around and wonder about things, who wants the story behind what they are looking at, whether it is a church, or a palazzo, or a painting. The Wanderer’s Guide provides the history to put it all into context.

The Wanderer’s Guide to Lucca includes a full-color scaled edition of the Wanderer’s Map of Lucca. With these in hand you will be able to wander anywhere in Lucca, not get lost, find out what you are looking at, and learn something interesting.




Churches–Lucca is a city of churches. Local tradition says there were once 100 of them. The forty-one still standing are covered in depth–their history, architecture, and art. Floor plans of most churches, with numbered guides, are included. Following this is a section with brief histories of thirty-seven former churches. All are identified on the map.

Palazzi–Lucca is also a city of stunning medieval and renaissance mansions. Ninety are included.

Families–For many centuries, Lucca was dominated by a small group of wealthy families–international merchants, bankers, and diplomats. The stories of more than 40 families provide an intimate history of the city.

Streets–Their origins and curiosities.

Walls–Lucca has been defined by its walls for more than 2,000 years. The Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance walls are keys to navigating Lucca’s past and present.

389 pages, including 5-page color map, index of artists, and timeline of Lucca history. Softcover.

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